Same product, different packaging to increase sales

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There is a lot of ideas that you can be inspired from IKEA. They would invest a lot in the display area to teach people how to use their products.

Products arranged haphazardly as we can see in most stores would not increase sales- unless the buyer has a sharp eye for details. But a majority of consumers or potential buyers have short attention span- they go around, knowing they need to buy some new furniture but could not get the ‘whole picture’. IKEA’s display area would give them a clear idea.

Take for example, for Valentine:

A huge advertisement billboard is placed outside its premises- with a 2 seater Klippan sofa on sale. For couples celebrating Valentine’s day, some thoughs may come to mind:

  • wow, a 2 seater- just for me and my the other half. No place for the mother-in-law!
  • hmmm…. 2 seater- interesting…and RM629 is not really that expensive- affordable. Maybe I should get one for our bedroom- cost almost the same with the 99 stalk of roses- that’s gonna wilt anyway

And during the recent CNY, their deco was to have the tables arranged neatly using the stuff such as dishes, tableware, glasses, chairs, lights and cushions:

Looks nice, rite? The tanglungs or light looked outstanding and practical when hung over the table. Also it can produce the ambience in dining. And the chairs- in red theme is suited to the festive season.

Therefore, teach the clients how to use the products and they would be tempted to buy.

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