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In the February issue of the Female magazine (Malaysian edition), there is a snippnet of 12 Money habits you should not be ashamed of.  I’ve plucked some that I find resonates with me and added my own 2 cents:

1. Not eating your money’s worth at a buffet; it costs more to pay for slimming program– for me, it would take much more effort to have to exercise and reduce food intake as I don’t want to buy new sets of bigger clothes

2. Sneaking snacks into the cinema– well, I sneak mine to the plane when flying 🙂

3. Putting off buying a house or a car even though you can well afford it. They’re liabilities, girls! – yes, for those who do not wish to be tied down- they may not choose to buy a new car. And a house, it is a heavy commitment that would tie a person down to a working job for the next 30 years.

4. Maxing out your card to take your parents on a dream holiday; they’re not going to be around forever but the banks will (so you can pay them back later) – this is perhaps a little overated. Parents usually would not make such demands and would be sad to know what they have put us thru. A year on, that dream holiday would be just another speck of the past. It would not matter to anyone. The albums, be it in Facebook or physical albums would not be looked at much. If we want them to be happy, then spend more quality time, respect and appreciate them. After all, they would not be around forever. It’s the daily little stuff that matters.

5. Kopi ais at mamak over fancy latte, any day! – yes coz those indulgence can really cost us- I’ve learned some lessons over my overindulgence in lattes and other matters in the past.  Now, I don’t order the coffee or tea from mamak but I use 3-in-1- not only they are cheaper, reliable taste and much less sugar (but I got to admit more chemicals).

Anyway, the doggie photo attached is really sweet so I can’t resist taking the screenshot:

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