Giving everyday things a creative twist- Zombie cupcakes

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If you are able to take everyday stuff and give it a creative twist- you would have something that attract everyone’s attention and could have great potential.  For example, the usual cupcakes are often being displayed in a sweet, pretty and appetizing way. Whenever we see a cupcake, it’s design makes us want to eat it.

But Zilly Rosen, the author of the book Zombie Cupcakes, take the art of cupcake making to another level. Check up the cupcake designs below which is so different and eye catching:

The cupcakes above, with gory creation of organs- are actually carrot cupcakes done with royal icing and coloring. Instructions to make it are in the book itself. Real creative twist!

There’s the cupcake with the crows tearing out a flesh looking cupcake. Below are taken from the content page of the book:

Available in 16 different themes like toxic bite, t-virus, zombie moon, bride & groom (bride cutting off the groom’s head), decapitated zombie, brain food, skeletal zombies, eye poppers, etc- not sure how you would feel picking them up and eating them.

Some creative food for thought for the weekend. Have a great week 🙂

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