Successful Bloggers who Left the Corporate World


There are a number of blogs that I follow because these authors write quality content that are beneficial. Some of them are:

1. Personal Finance for Christians (url:

Bob (and his entire department) was laid off in 2008 when a larger firm bought over his company. Instead of looking for a full time job, he decided that he would attempt to build his blog further and try to make a full time living out of doing what he loves (prior to that, he had already been making a few hundred dollars a month from his blog while holding a full time job).

If you read his blog, you would notice that he writes good quality articles and the theme of the blog is ‘personal financing for Christians’. He writes honestly and do ensure that the contents and advertisements is acceptable to his personal values. Among many articles, he had written a very long, honest and detailed post on How to make money with a blog (which he systematically broke down to 10 step-by-step articles).

2. Get Rich Slowly (url:

Update: JD has since sold his blog for a huge profit

J.D realized that even though there are people who get rich quickly, there are only few and far between. He believes in getting rich slowly- planning and working towards his goals. Before he decided to go full time into internet, he actually planned his exit more than a year in advance. If you read his article, quitting the day job- finding the guts to pursue your dream, he shared openly on his hopes and fears, the advantages and disadvantages. There are a treasure of tips on how to plan and manage finances, money savings and investments tips, among many others.

3. Self Made Chick (url:

Christine O Kelly was previously working 12 hours a day and require 10 shots of espresso to stay awake and maintain her pace (more of it in her “About” page). Today, she earns money doing several businesses over the internet. Her blogs offered no nonsense tips on how she had initially made money from blogging and also straight from the heart sharing on her life experiences- like she used to travel on a shoestring, had been broke, and used to get stuck in a mindset that made her poor. But she picked herself up and become a successful person today, doing what she loves.

She does not post often but because each posts that she writes useful and relevant topics, her blog is still able to draw in users from search engine. I also find myself going back to reread some of her blog posts.

4. Make Money Online by Grizzly (url:  )

Update in 2017: The site is no longer reachable but his advise below is relevant then as it is today.

Grizzly is not your usual kind of guy- he does not stay in town and he had displayed by example on how he can still make money by harnessing the power of the internet- and by providing good, unbeatable quality content to readers. I’ve actually started reading this blog from the time he writes on the blogger platform

You would be able to find long detailed articles and advise on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is unconventional and not similar with what others have offered. He uses real examples just to prove his point. Compared to most popular blogs, he does not post often and yet he can prove that his pages still ranks no. 1 in the Google search engine with tips such as using the correct keywords. And he also mentioned that it does not matter how many Facebook or Twitter followers or how many people ‘dugg’ your articles. Bottom line is, if the visitors are not your target visitors, meaning they do not arrive from search engine because they were looking for relevant information and to buy something, then they do nothing but eat up your bandwidth.

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