Do not hang clothes especially undergarments at your gate or at night

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The front location in many houses tend to receive more sunlight than the back. For practical reasons, most would just hang clothes in front of their homes…often at the gate itself so that clothes dry faster.

I  no feng shui expert but I have been told by an expert it is no good to hang our clothes especially undergarments in front of the gates or on top of the railings at the side of the house. For example as shown below:

Do not hang clothes at your gate especially undergarments as they are bad for feng shui. Do not hang clothes out at night

If there is really no place to hang at the back, then purchase a clothes rail and hang clothes there but do not position it directly in the same line of the house’s main gate and door. Push towards the side. For undergarments, try to find a small space at the back of your house to hang it.
There was a house where I saw the owner hang renovated the verandah to have transparent roofing to capture the sunlight and incorporate steel structures to enable clothes to be hung. And they hang pants- on the railing.

When the occupants come into the house from the gate, they easily pass the pants on top of their heads. Chinese customs frown upon this as it is considered it would lower the person’s luck.

Another thing is that we sometimes may turn unwanted clothes into floor rags for us to step our dirty feet on. If you are using your old cotton tshirt as a floor rag, you may do so but ensure you cut the entire tshirt up so that it really resembles a rag and no longer a tshirt. If we retain its proper shape, and people just step on it, it would be like people stepping on the owner (yikes).

The tshirt thingy may sound ridiculous to you but in the past we have always retained our worn out clothes’s original form when used as a rag. And we found that literally we get bullied or stepped on. After I took the rags and cut it up so thst it looked like a rag, things improved.

And never hang rags high in front of your gate or the front house railings when you wash and wanted to dry them. Hang it low at the back if possible. Rags and floor mats are objects that people used to step on. Don’t elevate it into a high position.

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