Sometimes, I still miss using a Blackberry but I have to move on

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Even though I am using a Samsung Note 2 now, there are times I still miss having a Blackberry. No doubt, people think that Blackberry belongs to dinosaur and there have been mention in forums about those Crackberry die hard users who refuse to accept facts or reality. Still, there is something special about the Blackberry- things that I miss.

The Note 2 has a virtual keyboard that is spacious enough for us to type in. At least for my clumsy hands and the bigger keys have helped to reduce typing errors. Also it’s true that once you get used to the virtual keypad, you can type relatively quite fast. The same goes for those using smaller phones like iPhones.

But still, nothing beats the qwerty physical keypad found on most Blackberry phones. It’s easy to type on it that I need not concentrate so much on. Even a dumb phone that I am having- a Nokia Asha with soft keys also cannot beat the qwerty keypad of my Blackberry.

I also miss the red, hypnotic blinking light that tells me without words that I have an incoming message.

Somehow, the Blackberry phone always felt more solid. No doubt, my Blackberry did had a sad ending because I broke the SIM holder when I tried to pull out the SIM card, but it took a lot of energy and a pair of pliers before I could successfully break all the 6 carbon legs that hold the SIM card together.

Whereas my friend’s Note 2 broke with its glass all shattered when she accidentally dropped it on the floor. Talk about gorilla glass…

It depends on what type of user you are. I would be very honest and admit to you that I am a type of ‘boring’ Smartphone user. I use my Smartphone mainly to check emails, WhatApps, moderate comments, publish blog posts, take pictures and maybe check my Facebook. Hardly use it to watch videos or download silly and useless apps, or play games. No Smurfs or Candy Crush Saga for me.

Still, my Android phone does has its advantage as I could easily put in special effects to my photos, crop and resize them, add grids and texts with a touch of a few buttons. Lots of useful apps to make a wonder out of the ordinary photos we take in our everyday life. It’s useful because I use photos a lot on my other blogs.

When it comes to blogging on the go, the app for Android so much more user friendly than the one from the Blackberry. I could moderate comments and add on reply so easily. I could create new posts, edit existing ones, attach pictures and choose to publish immediately or later. The app on Blackberry is much harder to use. Many of my blog posts are now easily created using my Note 2.

And I have problem accepting the additional BIS package that I need to pay each month on top of my data plan in order to enable to push email function on my BB. With the Samsung I could get push emails for free. No doubt, the emails do not arrive in split second as per the Blackberry but I am in no hurry. A little delay is alright. With my Samsung my data usage is only about 400 to 500 MB a month and I am sure if I tune in to Wifi, the data plan usage can be further reduced.

There are pros and cons in everything. Every phone type has its limitation. But we would weigh against the choices and make the final decision. Somehow, I would still miss using a Blackberry but my decision is made to go for an Android phone due to practical reasons.

The Blackberry Z10 would be released soon. My big boss, a loyal BB user is waiting to get his hands on the new Z10. He heard the Z10 had no lag time. For me, my decision is based on the phone that best meets my needs. I would not want to pay for a BIS plan on top of my data plan, and I would need good quality photo editing apps as well as the mobile blogging apps that is equivalent to what Android is offering.

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