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It seems that the trend now is for small business or SME are investing time in updating Facebook pages instead of creating a full fledged website.

The justification is because:
1. A Facebook page is free.

2. A Facebook page can be created by just about anyone without any programming knowledge.

3. Articles in Facebook gets shared, liked and viewed more often.

4. Using Facebook seems to jive in more with the current generation.

I have seen some companies have their own Facebook page instead of a proper website. Here are the reason why having a website is important for a company:
1. It gives a genuine online presence….established companies would have a well maintained official website. It establishes credibility and confidence that the visitor is locating the actual business.

2. The layout, format and presentation and customization are endless with a website. One need not  be confined to a standardized Facebook format page.

3. The articles and important news does not get buried in the archives.
For example if there is an important update that needs to be in the forefront…it does not get lost and clear navigation links or a prominient section can be created.

4. A website responds to SEO more effectively.
Usually for smaller companies,  potential customers find them through search…these online visitors are generally looking a solution or wanting to buy something when they land at the company’s website. Especially if the website is personalized with customer’s success stories or compliments, this further converts a casual online visitor to a customer.

The company’s official website address…using a registered and paid domain would carry more weight and credibility of the business than a Facebook page or a free blog.

However, having said that, it does not mean that a Facebook page is a bad idea. In fact, an active Facebook page with 2 way interaction would compliment an existing website.

Do post only original articles from your companies instead of placing sorry looking starving animals or children to get more exposure or looks. Generally such actions are much frowned upon by many FB members and many would not hesitate to rebuff the person for a cheap publicity stunt.

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