Same product, attractive packaging to increase the appeal

Entrepreneurship or Small Business

Business can repackage existing products or rebrand it to add on to its appeal. This is something that cosmetic companies and perfume/ scent products do best. Sometimes the packaging is even more expensive that the contents in the product itself.

Even if your company sells more simple products, you can ride on this existing philosophy when it comes to your company sales.

An interesting and simple example is with Tesco hypermarket. Like JD and Dunkin Donuts, Tesco also sell their own donuts. Previously they would place the donuts in plastic containers.

Recently, I seen that they have repackaged into purple box with the theme ‘I am a donut monster’:


Due to the packaging, we bought the donuts even though it was not on discount.


Like the JD Donuts,  they invested in packaging and their donuts even though were not as nice as JD’s ….but tasted okay and affordable.

The packaging box may cost about 20 cents at most but it had done its effect in increasing the product appeal and raised the perception of the product quality and taste.

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