Love and appreciate your MOM

Tis Thing Called Life

A friend shared this post and I found the drawn picture so profound.

When we were young and defenseless, our mother took care of us. As she grow older, it is our turn to take care of her.

She never complained when we give her endless problems and sometimes heartaches. Her instinct is to always protect us and put our needs before her own.

The years go by so quickly and now, it is her that is old and defenseless. It is her most vulnerable time and she need our care. But she is not used to troubling us and sometimes she tried to so things by herself.

She may get clumsy, she may get forgetful and require medical care. This is the time she need you the most- don’t forsake her. Don’t get angry and impatient when she does silly things, immobile or develop dementia.

We came into this world not knowing a word except to wail and wail for milk, defecate and attention. She did the best with what she had.

Take care of her. Never forsake her.


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