Auras- and how to read them

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The book Auras And How To Read Them, Sarah Bartlett is a complete, practical self-help guide to knowing, understanding and most importantly, loving one’s aura.

First, the defnition of aura and the historical aspect are being explained.

Then, she moved on to teaching the readers further on how to develop sense of light, sound, touch and intuition to enable them to read someone’s aura. Chakra energy is briefly mentioned and the role of each colour is explained in the book. With the aura camera, examples of aura pictures using real people are being shown in the book and how to interpret the readings are being taught.

I bought the book years ago because of my interest in exploring colours- and I was instantly attracted to the book because it is presented using a lot of colours- it’s definitely not your usual dull black and white book. To illustrate the colour, the page itself is printed on that colour. The book is suitable for those who want to learn more about auras and learn best visually.

Introduction as written on the book:

Auras And How To Read Them is one of the first practical guides to discovering our personal ‘colours’, or energy fields. Beginning with the halo, and the scientific evidence of Kirlian photography, practical sections then focus on each of the five senses, showing you simple ways to heighten your responses and ‘know’ your aura and those of people around you.

With this awareness, you will want to interpret the characteristics, moods, and expectations that are revealed by the key aura colours. Included are personality profiles for the colour spectrum, together with a gallery of real-life case studies. The author also explains how we can use this knowledge as a basis for personal development, such as understanding how aura colours determine compatibility in love and relationships.

About the author (as written in the book):

Sarah Bartlett is an astrologer and writer working specifically in the mind, body and spirit field. She is resident astrologer for Cosmopolitan magazine and the Evening Standard newspaper. Sarah’s previous books include Love Signs, The Love Tarrot, Feng Shui for Lovers, The World of Myths and Mythology and Women, Sex, and Astrology

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