How to Make a Great Presentation in Two Hours by Frank Paolo

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Many people have fear of public speaking. When coming face to face with a huge group of strangers, even the best rehearsed scripts can be totally forgotten. The speaker is then left to stand in agony and cold sweat, trying to figure out the best way of exit.

During my initial venture into public speaking, I found the book How to Make a Great Presentation in 2 Hours by Frank Paolo to be invaluable. The book was originally written by him in 1993.

I’ve implemented some of his advice and found that they worked for me, such as:

  • you don’t need to use props to give a good presentation. Usually, I use my hands and speech but not props because hey, if the props does not set up properly, it will be a cause of panic
  • not using boring opening liners
  • never memorise your speech- only memorise the opening and closing that should not be more than 90 minutes long

But over time, I’ve adapted my own style- speaking with sincerity and from the heart whenever I speak in the public. Learning to acknowledge feedback, good or bad. And to speak from the heart, the ego must get out of the way as much as possible.

Still, I  think it is one of the best practical books that I’ve read on how to make a presentation. It will benefit any beginners who are trying to make a presentation.

This post was originally published in another blog of mine few years ago. When it was published, the author, Mr Frank Paolo himself left a comment in my blog as follows:


Hello. I am Frank Paolo and I am delighted you like my book! Just a few facts: the book was published in 1993 – I was BORN in 1950. I am very pleased you developed your own style of speaking and used a few ideas from me.

My website is – there is nothing to buy there and you might enjoy some comments my clients have written. I hope to have a new book on speaking out this year. My e-mail is

Again, I am very happy you liked my book and it was of some help to you.

Kind regards,

Frank Paolo.

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