How to Start a Home Based Gift Basket Business

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How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, 4th (Home-Based Business Series)  by  Shirley George Frazier provides information on a gift basket startup. The book is written by a successful gift basket entrepreneur- and so, a lot of the tips are down to earth.

Some of the main points of the book:

  • what it takes to be a gift basket professional
  • ways you can introduce your products to friends, family and prospects
  • how to set a price to your gift baskets
  • where to look for prospects and how to outshine your competition
  • develop a web site to generate traffic
  • home office and workspace setup
  • getting paid for your work
  • workbook pages such as customer profile form, sample business plan, buying charts, sample purchase order, sales invoice sheet, delivery schedule, expense analysis.

I bought the third edition from Borders for RM71.90 a few years ago- during the time when I was still stuck in my corporate job and was desparate to get out and explore my creativity. That was also doing that time that I read in the newspaper on how a housewife is making a comfortable income from wrapping hampers and gift baskets- what started as making for her friends and family soon ran into good demand from others.

No doubt in this book, all the business startup fundamentals such as business plan, pricing, websites, setting up office are taught. But in general business startup books, it will usually cover just on starting a business. In this book, it is specifically written for those who wants to start their own home based gift basket business- so a lot of elements unique to gift basket making are included. There is also a section where she had provided explanation on how to wrap gift baskets- with diagrams provided.

About the author:

Shirley George Frazier has run her own successful home based gift basket business, Sweet Survival since 1989. A gift and gourmet consultant, Frazier also trains industry professionals and others who need guidance to start and grow their business into full potential.

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