The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Core Conditioning by Patrick Hagerman

Book Review

As in all Complete’s Idiot’s series, the book provides guidance to beginners who wants to work on their core conditioning.

Our core consists mainly of our muscles in our trunk (not only at the abs but includes chest, back and hips) and keep us together. A lot of the daily functions that we tend to take for granted such as balancing ourselves as we stepped on a banana peel, juggling a child and the groceries require core strength. The core is important to help perform these functions and if our core is weak, we will be more prone to injuries.

Benefits of having a strong  core :

  • look good in clothes
  • cure /minimize lower back pain (but for those with injuries such as slipped disk, please consult help of certified trainers to rehabilitate the function of the body- don’t attempt to do it on your own)
  • have better posture– slouching indicates there are weakness with the back muscles which can be corrected with core conditioning exercises
  • better body stability and balance
  • contributes to increased performance and results in our fitness/exercise plans.

What’s more, the book contained a lot of pictures to guide a beginner to core exercises with or without exercise balls.

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