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Update July 2019: I have decided to resume this blog to publish my personal reflections and thoughts. However topic with regards to subjects below have been transferred out to new blogs.

You may notice that there has not been new articles being published on this site for sometime. I am still blogging actively, but I have moved out topics to more specific blogs. Please visit my other blogs to read articles on the following topics:

  • Organize: Articles on organizing, cleaning and storage.
  • Blogging: Articles on blogging, starting a blog or company website
  • Intranet and Communication: Articles on managing an intranet and writing communication
  • Career: Articles on career choices and decisions

The long story…

I started this blog in 2006 when it is still hosted under a free blogging platform, blogspot. In year 2008, I bought my own domain name and migrated the contents of this blog to paid hosting.

Initially this blog was created as a sort of online journal- simply to share on my experience in work, personal reflections, health, creativity, organization, entertainment and travel. Those days, most blogs were of general blogs which covers various aspect of the blogger or author’s life.

Slowly I created new blogs under different subdomains to migrate out topics on health, travel (Malaysia and Thailand) and creativity. These were done by 2011.

From time to time, I continued to update new articles on this blog on topics that were not covered in my migrated blogs such as organization, career, intranet and blogging. By the time, majority of the advice out there is not to maintain general blog but a blog of more targeted topic.

In July 2017 when I started blogging actively again, I wrestled with the thoughts of creating more targeted blogs instead of jumbling all topics under the sun. Using Thesis theme, I was able to create customize page and sidebar.

For example, if you happen to arrive to this site based on reading an article about how to manage a messy garden, you would only see the sidebars and after post content consisting of organization. If you arrive from reading an article about career path to follow, then the sidebar will consists of articles on career.

However after a while, I find the site to be a little too cluttered. And I also feel that it confuses the readers because if they sign up to receive email notification on organizing tips, they would be upset when I started to talk about blogging in the next post.

In the end, I felt in order to be fair to the visitors and for user experience, it would be better to start all over again to write about specific articles in new blogs. Instead of posting many unrelated topics in this blog.

Spending a number of sleep deprived nights, I managed to get the task done in stages.

Then in September 2018…. I decided to change hosting company, moving from Media Temple to SiteGround, migrating multiple blogs were more painful. One of the reasons I move from Media Temple to Siteground is because it is easy to install SSL, which enables visitors to securely access my sites. I had to pay the Siteground experts to help with the migration but it was worth it.

Do visit my new sites for more updated articles…..I sincerely would like to thank you for your support all there years.

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