The danger of windfall wealth

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I was fortunate that I never have any interest to gamble or buy lottery. I take chances, risks and gambles in other aspects in my life but not in terms of gambling or buying numbers.

However when it comes to gambling as in casino types, buying lotto or lottery, I have no interest in taking the risks. Because I find that regardless we win or lose in the end, ultimately we are on the losing end.

If we lose, we have to part with our money. If we win, I have always felt we are withdrawing from our ‘merit’ account.

The good we do is accumulated in what we can call a merit account. Look at it as if it is a bank account. Gaining wealth, especially windfall wealth is a withdrawal. The larger the sum we get, the higher the withdrawal amount.

Because we have no way of knowing the balance of this account, we run a risk in going into zeroing our balance or even going into negative balance.

That explains why sometimes people die or run into misfortunate not long after acquiring some windfall wealth.

A real life example is the sad case of my late dad. When my mom was diagnosed with tonsil cancer, we had a wedding to attend about one month prior to her scheduled operation. My mom did not want to tell anyone but we showed up for the wedding. My dad did not attend it.

I was driving the car. After the wedding, I drove my mom and my brother back. A car suddenly cut in front of our car resulting me almost hitting it. Fortunately I managed to brake on time. I saw the car registration plate and was surprised it had exactly the same 4 matching number of my car plate.

I found this a little odd. When I went back, I told my dad about it. He went without my knowledge and bought Toto for my car plate number.

My car plate number came out as consolation prize. He won RM635 and was estatic.

One month later he passed away from stroke. When I went through his drawer after the funeral, I found the money still there. He never got to use his money. I felt very sad when I saw that.

By nature, my dad provided for us financially. But he was never a charitable person out of our family, nor did he like to help others.

I always felt that winning that consolation price was a tipping point for what was about to come. I had a feeling his account went into overdrawn status and there was not sufficient life force to sustain his life.

Therefore, I have learned to always be content with what I have. I usually get compensated, monetary wise less than what I deserved due to my nature of not buttering up my bosses but just doing above and beyond my call of duty.

I am happy to consistently keep topping up my account instead of only withdrawing from it. Even though it is bit by bit and little by little. It does not mean I have ulterior motive whenever I help others as now it has become second nature to me.

When I made the decision to quit my corporate job to become a full time caregiver for my mom, I know money would be scarce. But if we have less needs and learn to be contented with what we have, we would be surprised that we can really get by with less.

Don’t go looking for windfall through lottery and gambling. Because when it does come, we will know if it would cause our merit or even life force energy account to go into overdrawn status….unless you make some contribution back or put a part of the money to good use.

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