The happiest in time is when we are struggling or in hardship

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When interviewed, millionaires often say that ironically the happiest time of their life was during the time when they were struggling and was giving their best shot. The long hours, the uncertainty, backing from a best friend, business partner or spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend who totally believe in them.

With success, many things change. Unknown people coming out of the woodwork, expecting handouts and help. And they would be super nice and very physically appealing. The world is their oyster and filled with temptations.

They start to get falling out with their business partner. The wife, who have put on a little weight because she was working and caring for the kids that she did not have time to care for herself. All this while her husband was working on his dream. He may find her looking pathetic compared to the sexy young beauties who are tripping all over themselves to seduce him. The wealth and came got to his head and he though he deserved someone better.

Now that they have fame, power and recognition, the temptation to leave their old life and the people in it for the lifestyle of the rich and famous is very strong…

Okay perhaps you and me are not those millionaires. We could be just ordinary Jacks and Jills who are getting a little dizzy headed with success. Or perhaps we feel that our life is very much lacking.

And we wanna change it.

This may mean leaving certain people or relationships in order to accomplish it. Perhaps we feel stifled tying ourselves down with kids or caring for an aged parent. Or that we want to leave our world behind to go seeking and travelling, possibly not coming back for long time.

But before we lose touch with what we have, let’s reflect for a moment. If we make the move and leave our current life behind, would we regret it?

Could we be leaving behind of what possibly be the happiest times of our lives and would live to regret it deeply later?

The kids, who we may feel that are noisy or are uncontrobable brats may be desperately missing us and seeking our attention. Neglect them and this precious period of their innonce would pass. Once they grow older, their hearts would permanently close against us and nothing we could ever mend the rift.

We may have a big house and fancy cars but we would be all alone (especially when we feel we could no longer trust people who seemed to be after our money or treat us as a stepping stone).

Or life is meaningness as we felt stuck in a menial job. But getting stuck in a menial job gives us more mental energy to focus on our personal life after we clock out of the day. When I was in corporate, so much of me went into work that I had nothing else to give to my loved ones. I had to stop blogging because I simply had no mental energy to write on subjects that I feel strongly about.

If you are in a menial job, take the opportunity to pursue some hobbies or work on some income ideas. Or simply spend more time with your family. You don’t need to go to fancy restaurants or expensive holidays. If you can teach your kids the joys of just being with nature instead of gluing to the mobile devices, you are giving them a precious gift of appreciating the simple things in life. When they are grown up, they would not go into addictions or depression so easily. This is what I feel strongly that technology often make people lose touch with themselves.

I gave up my corporate job to be a caregiver. In my spare time I resumed blogging. Now I have the chance of resuming research into healing which I felt is one of my life’s calling.

But in order to live this life, one of the greatest thing I had to give up is my freedom. I cannot just drive or go anywhere I want whenever I wish. My freedom means a lot to me and at my downtime, I do seriously wanted my freedom back.

Amidst all the doubt and temptations… It suddenly occured to me. That this could be one of the happiest time of my life. To be able to be with my mom whom I love dearly for her remaining time left. To be able to work on the research on healing which you can read more in my other blog… Heavy stuff.

When I was in corporate I had always wished I could leave it and follow my heart. Now, I have the chance…. I could follow my heart. Only thing is that like everything else in life, there is a tradeoff.

Realising this, I felt I am fortunate. Yes I cannot afford lots of the stuff I could. I am much poorer but happier.

I have a feeling in future I would be travelling a lot to work on my cause and calling. And I would miss this stage of my life dearly. So this realization woke me up from some endless negative rumination.

How about you?

Do you have the good things in life (ie loving family) but you feel discontended and wanted to leave them for a more exciting and high flying life? When we are tempted, we tend to just look at the bad side and forget the true blessings we have.

If you feel that way… Ask yourself… Years later would you regret this? Years later would you look back at what you’ve lost and wished you have never given the good life that you’ve had?

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