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I received the sad news from my brother that my dog of 10 years has passed away on Thuraday, 2 days ago. I was away.

Ah Win was born in 2010 from a neighbor’s dog who had given birth to a litter of puppies. He was the weakest of all the pups. In the beginning I thought he was going to die as he was so small and weak. He had refused food.

Then one day as it looked as if he was not going to make it, I craddled his little body in my arms and prayed for him. As I put him down, he wobbled a few steps and vomitted white noodle like stuff that moves! Yikes he had worms.
I rushed him to the vet who administered antibiotics and deworm medicine. I had written about him in this 2010 article on another blog.

10 years is a long time and he has been a long part of our lives. It seemed since last Tuesday he has started acting a little out of his usual self. He was having diarrhea with very watery stools. My brother originally had taken half day leave today to take him to the vet.

But sadly, he passed away on Thursday before he could be taken to the vet.
My brother said he looked peaceful and asleep. It was good to know he did not suffer.

When we keep pets, it is likely we would outlive our pets. And it is very painful and sad to lose them.

One of my mom’s friend used to have 2 dogs who lived for more than 10 years. She stayed alone hence for more than 10 years her two dogs were her constant companions. Eventually both of them passed away one after another of old age.

After that, she never wanted to keep dogs anymore. It was very painful for her and she did not want to go through the pain.

I miss Ah Win. It has been a while since I saw him and I did not know the time I bid him farewell would be the last time I get to see him alive.

I thank him for the loyal company and companion that he was for us for the past 10 years. The gentle pet that keep my mom company while we went to work. Thank you for being a part of our life.

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