If you genuinely believe in something, do it!

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In life, there would be times when you are driven by something you wish to try. If there are a lot of risks involved and a lot at stake, start in a small scale first. At least in that way you will be able to test out to see if the idea works, or if it is for you before you decide if you need to dive straight in.

Below is a video if the advice given by Stan Lee. I first saw the video in Facebook and had rewatched the video many times. The video is very meaningful to me because it is what I have practicing in almost my entire adult life. What I can say is that, if you follow his advice below, even on a small scale, you would have no regrets.

Advice by Stan Lee, creator of Spiderman:

If you have an idea
that you genuinely think is good
don’t let some idiot talk you out of it
That doesn’t mean
Every wild notion you come out with would be genius
If there is something that you feel is good
Something that you want to do
Something that means something to you
Try to do it
Because I think you can only do your best work
If you are doing what you want to do
And you are doing the way you think it should be done
And if you can take pride it in after you have done it
No matter what it is
You can look at it and say
“I did it and I think it is pretty damn good”
That’s a great feeling
Just do your thing
Do as well as you
That’s the important thing
Don’t shirk
Whatever you do
Give it your best shot
You’ll be glad you did

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