When you hate your job and wish to quit (without a safety net)

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Recently I saw a video posted by quite a well known YouTuber who praises the courage of quiting one’s job. Even with no backup plan.

Basically she had quit her job that she hated 3 years ago and now supposedly owns a multimillion dollar online business.

Her business model centers around selling a dream and the preparation necessary to achieve the dream to make it big in YouTube or online business.

There are too many of such channels around selling dreams but with no proven success in a field OUTSIDE make money online. So their channel’s success is based on how to start a channel on online business but they do not have any successful channel or business out of this genre that could ‘walk the talk’ so to speak.

I have a concern about quitting especially without any safety net, savings and backup plan. It is way too dangerous especially when one have kids and financial commitments.

There is just too much at stake when quitting cold turkey with the hope of the desperation will drive one to survive and make it.

Having said that, I myself have resigned twice without a job. First was to try to give it a go at blogging in 2008. I went back to corporate world in 2010 and left in 2017 to be a full time caregiver.

However on both instances, I would NOT have done so had I not been able to support myself. In 2008 to 2010, I give my aspirations to make a living as a full time blogger a try.

Yes, I did make money but it was like a quarter of a minimum wage job that I had taken. And that was during the rising of the internet where there were less competition. An article I write can just reach the first place of Google search within a short period.

Yet the returns of investment very dismal and the reason why I continue to blog is because of my interest.

Now there are videos from YouTubers encouraging folks to start a YouTube channel to make a full time living.

To throw caution to the wind. Pursue your dreams, answer your calling. They claimed it is okay with no safety net as we would make it work coz the stakes are top high.

But I sincerely advice against plunging head on into the unknown with no safety net. Work enough to have savings to cover expenses and mortgage/rental for 6 months. So if things work out, well and good. If things do not, then at least you can go and seek employment.

And if you really believe what you wish to do, why not start while you are still on your job? Wake up earlier, sacrifice TV and social media time to work on your dreams. You would be surprised at how much time we can get if we make time for it.

Once you see progress, and have that safety net stashed up, then you can decide to leave your job. Do not burn your bridges with your workplace – always leave as amicably as possible.

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