The Tragic End of the Misunderstood Dobermann

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The following story was posted by a commentator in a video from YouTube. To me, who always have soft spot for dogs, it is a sad story. I wish to share it here in this blog:

Story via comment by YouTube user id @Playgun10:

This brought back a memory from many years ago. An old man lived alone several houses away from me, he had a big scary Doberman Pinscher, the man kept to himself and seemed very lonely and quiet.

Someone found him dead on the ground in the woods on a walking trail with severe bite marks on his arms legs and hands and the dog standing over him, exhausted.

The police were called, they shot the dog.

An autopsy later revealed that the man had died from a heart attack. It was also revealed that the fatal heart attack happened hours before the dog had bitten him. It turns out that after the man died, his companion was lovingly trying to drag him to the road for help, the dog wouldn’t leave the old man there and he never left his side.

Tragic end to the dog who got misunderstood…

While we have heard stories of dogs biting and attacking bystanders, children as well as their own owners and the family…. there are also loyal dogs who stood by their owners and sadly got misunderstood.

However, even if the dog was not shot by the cops, the dog would have lost the meaning to live after its owner died. It would refuse to eat and start to wither away, slowly dying from starvation and malnutrition. Unfortunately being an adult dog of large and intimidating size, it would be nearly impossible to rehome the dog.

It made me think of my own dog….Prosper

Years ago, our family have a dog called Prosper. He was a mix between Golden Retriever and Labrador. I loved the dog dearly- he got him about 2 years after my mom had cancer…. and he was very attached to my mom and followed her around. When she was taking naps, he would be by her bedside. Prosper also lived up to his name, ie his body really ‘prospered’ because he loved to eat, especially snacks like humans do. I give credit to Prosper as I believe he played a vital role in helping to uplift my mom’s spirit and help her in recovery by being a loving and loyal companion. He kept my mom company while we were away at work.

Once, my mom went with me to an overseas vacation for about 2 weeks. My brother was tasked to care and feed Prosper. When Prosper did not see my mom, he sank into a kind of depression and hardly ate, even though he had loved food a lot. He even hardly touched his favourite food.

After the trip when we came back to the house, the look of joy in Prosper’s face was priceless. Immediately his eyes lit up and he ran to my mother. And he was happily eating again.

We had Prosper with us for 12 years before he passed. He was unwell, and I remember when I wanted to take him to the vet, he put up a strong resistance. As if he knew something bad would happen if he went. We had a hard time trying to get him to the car. This vet had previously saved his life when he had fever.

However this round it was real unfortunate. The vet gave him an injection and immediately Prosper seemed to have a stroke and was paralyzed. He also become incontinent. I nursed him for 2 weeks before he passed. And few days after he passed, I actually dreamt of Prosper. He had a small white cap on his head, the kind we see in some Dato Kong (guardian beings of certain areas). He looked and communicated to me in the dream (without speaking)- he told me to watch over my mom well as her health was no good and also she may meet with some danger.

It has been more than 10 years since Prosper had passed and till today, no other pet dog could take his place in my heart. Unfortunately during Prosper’s time, we have never heard about acupuncture for dogs and a clinic in our town that practices it. Had we have been able to come across that, Prosper would have lived longer.  Our subsequent dog, Sabai did have back leg paralysis which was successfully treated with acupuncture and lifelong Chinese medication (in tablet form).


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