Starlight Express- Motivational Lessons to Keep You Going

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I would be posting a series of Shorts video featuring the music from Andrew Llyod Webber’s musical Starlight Express.

It is about a group of trains (played by dancers in customes and skates) being involved in a race. There are all types of train from diesel, electric, bullet train that are powerful. Then we have Rusty, the obselete steam train. Rusty was racing against all the other trains that were much more powerful and stronger than he was.

In it, there were songs of self doubt, loneliness….. then followed by motivation and determination to do his best. In the end there is a happy ending as Rusty won the race.

Many years ago while studying for my preuniversity exam which was very difficult, this was one of the few albums I constantly listen to. I needed something to believe because the subjects were so hard and passing rate was so low. In the end, Rusty did win the race and if he could make it, I felt that I could too. It made me formed a little confident and faith in myself while I worked very hard. I did make it finally and I have to credit this album for helping me pull through.

Below are some Shorts video, I would be adding more when time permits. For more Shorts motivational videos, please check out the Shorts video section in my YouTube channel.

Quotes on reflections of life | featuring Starlight song sequence

These are shared from my life experiences- you can visit the page here for more quotes (in Pinterest format).

Why you should not share your dreams and goals with others | featuring the song Crazy

Sometimes, it is better to keep our plans, goals and dreams to ourselves rather than telling others. While we may hope our loved ones and friends may share our drive and cheer us on, we may be met with objection, doubt and sometimes being said we are out of our mind.

Therefore, if you are feeling discouraged, I hope that you too would listen to lyrics and work on it. Life is about experiences…. we will never know until we try. But of course we need to go in with a good plan, consistency and make sure we don’t throw all our eggs in one basket. For example if we quit our job to start something on our own, at least we need to make sure we have savings to last us through as most ventures does not produce immediate results.

Pumping Iron- Motivation to Exercise featuring cute cats in the video

Even though this song is about lifting weights, during that time I have applied it to the context of hustling in my studies and not giving up. Just thought of making a Shorts on this song, as it is now the New Year and many would hope to change our lives through setting goals. As a caregiver, making videos like this helps to engage the creative and free spirited side of my brain.

May you achieve your goals and resolutions that you have set out to do.

Make Up My Heart- when you cannot decide which planner to choose (also applies to other decisions in life)


This is the time of the year when we strive to be more organized, productive and set goals. Just thought of doing this cheeky video as I understand how it feels like for those who could not make a choice between which planning systems, what type of planners and how to go about planning. I was also having a similar dilemma earlier but have more or less sorted a system out which really helps me to be more productive.

Ultimately the type of planner and planning systems we choose usually need to be based on trial and error…. ie we gotta try out ourselves to see what works and what doesn’t. I myself was not a planner person but since I’ve started planning, using cute but inexpensive planners that resonate with me, I was able to get more done without feeling overwhelmed.

This is one of the ballads that I wondered why never make it to the top billboard 100. It is such a nice song.

I am Starlight- How Creative and ADHD minds can survive in the education system

I used to struggle with studying for exams during my school days. Till I figured out that my brain worked differently and came up with creative ways of learning. In this Shorts video, I would briefly share my experience.

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