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Here are a collection of quotes from the internet that I find to be meaningful and thought provoking:

If it keeps you happy, keep quiet: There is an olden believe that if we boast of the good things we have, we would eventually lose them or they would change. The best is to keep quiet and not share or broadcast to the world.

If people treat you like an option, leave them like a choice (view full post): If you find that certain people seek you out only when they have nothing better to do, but ghost you when they have something going on, then you also have the choice not to be just a spare part….. and go on to pursue your own pursuits and hobbies…. even if in the beginning you gotta do it alone.

If you live for people’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection: if we try too hard to please people, we would find ourselves being taken for granted and expected to always behave or say the things that they want. The moment we deviate, we would risk rejection. Hence, when we try to please everyone, we really end up pleasing no one.

Becareful of who you trust- salt and sugar look the same– Think carefully before trusting someone. The rule of thumb is do not divulge information that eventually can be used against us. Even though the person appeared humble and kind hearted, we cannot guarantee that time and conflict would not change them.

Learn to heal without venting to everyone: We do not need to tell and complain about our problems and trauma to others. We may think it lets off the pressure but if we consider carefully, it almost did nothing to help as no one can actually take away our pain. Sometimes through venting we expose vulnerable parts of ourselves that eventually may be used against us or affect their opinion of us (eg they may start to look down and inwardly disrespect us).

Don’t react, cut them off silently: When we are purposely being triggered, or when they proof that they are not our real friends, there is no need to have an outburst because in an argument they can absolutely choose not to tell the truth. The wise thing to do is to disappear from their radar. Maybe no need to completely cut off but just retreat and distance ourselves.

Be selfish with your time, a lot of people do not deserve it: Time is the most precious commodity in our life. There would be people who want our time, sometimes chunks of it. It is alright to be with a friend during his/her time of need. However if it is someone who only comes to you with a motive or are full of praises for you (when asking for help) but will not hesitate to talk bad behind your back, these people really do not deserve your time and attention at all.

What comes easy won’t last and what lasts won’t come easy: If we work hard towards something difficult and we achieve it, the skill is ours to keep because we acquire it through practice, practice and practice. If something comes via shortcut or windfall, it would leave as easy as it comes and we would not know how to get it back again because we did not pay the price to master it.

Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction: We need to first be clear of our true purpose in life. If we are not clear, then please remember to constantly slow down to evaluate and contemplate if we are going down the right path. If not, abort and change course. Do not stubbornly stick to it.

Mistakes are stepping stones, not stumbling blocks. Learn from them and move on: Everyone, even the best of us would make mistakes. It is alright to learn from each mistake and failure, get up and start again. That is afterall. what life is all about rite? It is a series of experiments we run, sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. Then we learn from each mistake and not repeat it again.

Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want the most: No one say hard would would be easy. But if we keep doing the hard thing, it would get easier. There are many things in my life that I thought would not have been possible but I kept at it…. like starting my own blogs, learning technology and the ins of the industry I am in very well, and eventually learning how to nurse my mom who is bedridden. At first a lot these seemed impossible to learn but through repetition and practice, they have become second nature, almost like a habit.

The moment you let go of your discipline is the moment you give up on yourself: In life, we really need discipline to get through tasks or responsibilities that had to be done but we dislike doing it. However following the principle of micro/ tiny/ mini habits, if we did not do the thing one day, then make sure we do not go more than 2 days not doing it. If we find problem starting, then start small- just create a minimum repetition, a tiny habit that we know we can follow each day. Then once we experience the benefit of it, slowly build it up.

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed- easy to get into but hard to get out of:  Once we allow ourself to start to indulge in a bad habit and continue doing it everyday, it quickly builds into our DNA. The longer we let if fester, the harder it would be to get rid of the bad habit. Hence it is important to be aware and not let bad habits to slowly seep unknowingly in our mind and actions.

The internet used to be an escape from the world. Now it is the world: Walk into any restaurant and you would see family and friends glued on their phones or take photos of their food or selfies to post on social media. Their mind is immersed into the world of internet and social media, living to stalk others or for likes and love in social media. Connection with the most important people in our life is getting lost, and negative emotions are on the rise when one start to compare oneself with what one sees online.

The saddest part of ife is the person who gave you the best memories now becomes a memory– it can be a loved one or a beloved pet. Don’t wait until they become a memory to regret not spending more time with them. Make the effort to spend more time with them now. If they are far away, then make use of technology to connect with them.

Fear is temporary, regret is forever: Fear can be conquered by courage to attempt, practice, doing it and seeking knowledge. Once we overcome it, it no longer becomes a problem. But regret can just eat at our soul. Don’t let something like fear of rejection stop us from reaching out. The worst the other side would do is to say no or not respond- but at least, we will not beat ourselves up in future for not trying.

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