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These are quotes drawn out from my life experience. Below the quote, there is either a short backstory or another post by itself which I would link them below.

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Often when we are thrown into unfamiliar territory, it can be overwhelming and we feel no way we can do it. But by willing to take small steps to gradually learn, one day we will be familiar and even master it…. then that no longer have any hold on us. In my life I have been often thrown into situations which at first felt impossible but through presevance, everything is learnable. For example, I knew nothing about caregiving, diaper changes, tube feeding and phlegm suction…. at first was so scary when my mom require the care. Now, I am comfortable and these tasks already become second nature for me. It is the same for you….. it may feel impossible and it is only by doing that we can learn to get better at it.

Maybe you may find the articles on how I gained the guts to travel alone, and what brought me to Thailand that reflects on my experience in going for something I want even though it is against the stream.

I have been through a few very dark periods in my life which during that time I had thought I would not recover. But time heals all wounds and makes grief more bearable. When my mom was diagnosed with tonsil cancer, before she could be discharged, my dad had a massive stroke and passed. I had no time to grief for my dad as I had to be there for my mom for her radiotherapy treatments and recovery. It was a horrible time that I would never wish even on my worst enemy. But that experience set me in the correct path in life, and I no longer pursued power and ambition because I knew even if I had all the money and power in the world, I cannot bring back my dad or guarantee that my mom would be safe and healthy (read more here)

There are paths that many would not tread due to it leading to bad destination and outcome. On the other hand, it can be also because it is a path of hardship but would bring towards our personal and/or spiritual growth. We have to carefully access the pros and cons, as well had a back up plan in case things do not work out. For example, when I quit my job to be a full time caregiver, many people did not understand as I had a successful career. But I made the decision after taking into account of finances and also drastically cutting down on material comforts to bring down my expenses. I’ve been a caregiver since 2017 and it is the best thing I have done in my life.

We may find that sometimes we have colleagues or family members who like to pass the buck to us. They may feign ignorance or they tried to bully us into doing the hard tasks. We often feel frustrated and angry but at the same time we also decide that the buck stops with us. So we do the work, and in the process gain some VERY VALUABLE skills along the way….. skills that follow us for life and would likely help us tremedously in the future. For example, I used to reply emails to customers, and some of my colleagues just chose to take short cuts and do not follow through as they wait for me to pick up the tab (as customers would often write back again when their issues were not being resolved). I ended up learning how to write emails to properly explain things and also follow up on issues faced by customers. About more than a year of doing that, I become quick in email communication and can enter flow state easily when typing…. a skill that helps me in my next role as a communicator, as well as a blogger.

That is something most of us know deep down inside and yet the social pressure can be overwhelming. But you know what, once we have the courage to walk away from friends who would only accept if we conform to certain appearance, adorned in designer brands or are willing to spend lavishly, we would discover a whole new world of authencity, freedom and joy. Because trust me, these are the people who only stick to us during good times but would desert us at bad times. Then we would be left with nothing but huge credit card debts and overdue mortages and loans.

At your darkest time when you are all alone, have you ever felt that ‘someone’ is watching and caring for you from above? And if indeed there is really such a being or God, why were you left to suffer so horribly? Having gone through some tough periods in my life that made me question about life, I realized that those events had to happen for me to learn how to ‘rise from the ashes’. The aftermath is either people would become bitter, or they would enhance their positive traits such as compassion, honesty and integrity. Tough tiimes in my life had helped me to strengthen some traits such as resillence, discipline, compassion and consistency. It also made me understand the pain that can be felt, that I do not wish it to happen to another person.

While it is often true that we would know who are our true friends and family during bad times, the same also hold true when it comes to bad times. For example, there are those who work two or three jobs to put their partner through a higher education. When their partner qualified and become successful, they ditched that person who by then was so worn out and unpretty due to working non stop….. for gold diggers that come out of the woodwork. It is sad to witness but it is better than to go on living and sacrificing for them not knowing. Sometimes it is also not the person’s bad character but due to karmic conditions.

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