Tough time will not last forever for….It is always darkest before dawn


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I truly understand what it feels like to go through unbearable suffering that seemed would have no end, hence I meant it when I wrote the quote below:

I truly understand how it feels like to grieve the lost of a parent, to care for a parent who is sick, to be betrayed and to be alone just when we needed someone the most. During this time, we honestly would feel there would not be a way out and our thoughts would go round and round in circles without end.

But if we can find the strength to get through the darkest period of our life, our life will change….. and we would build inner strength that we thought we never would have. There is another quote I came across which is very meaningful:

“If people took back the pain they caused you, you’d lose the strength you gained.”

Here is a Shorts I did from a true story that happened to my childhood friend. When she entered university, out of jealousy, her closest friend turned everyone against her. She was being outcasted and was all alone. Initially it almost broke her because all along she was a popular and well liked girl throughout high school. So the sudden drastic change in the way friends treated her shocked and traumatised her.

One day she made the decision that she would not allow herself to be defeated. She channeled the intense energy of pain and disappointment into her studies. She got herself a bicycle so that she can move around without the need to ask for help. As the university was located in a different state from our home hence we did not have a family to constantly go back to and had to learn to be independant. Through the cycling around the hilly slopes and valleys of our university area and the time she spent exercising alone in the stadium, she became very fit. She eventually got into sports as well and hence became all rounded student, got into Dean’s list and won scholarship (she need not pay back).

She graduated with First Class Honors Degree in her course.

And the resillience she had build followed her for life. No matter how difficult life situations throw at her, she was not afraid. She went over alone to Singapore to work and eventually she met someone, got married, settled down and have two wonderful children.


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