In this blog, you will find topics ranging from career life, choices, entrepreneurship, blogging and internet life. Through years of interacting with people from all walks of life, I’ve included life experiences and observations.

In order not  mix up with too many topics, I’ve created additional blogs on creativity and travel.  It’s easy for you to locate the entire listing of articles that I’ve writen in the Archives page. Please remember to click on the Expand All link to open up all the topics.  You can also perform a search or click on the list of articles sorted by topic.

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About me

Yin Teing is my real name. I am from Malaysia. In 2008, I decided to left my corporate rat race to concentrate on some personal projects but ended up travelling almost a year. 

Even though I have a full time job now- it involves sectors that I enjoy doing, such as powerpoint. But it is still a  paycut with 10 times less the stress.  The job helps to pay the bills.-( my life cycle has changed again)  Out of work my focus is now to research into healing especially most recently into mind body connection with regards to health and wellbeing.

Aside from that, I also create and maintain a few blogs for other people and do some freelance writing. 

You can contact me by leaving comments at my blog posts or via yteing at yahoo dot com

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