Stress Fighting Tips


Relaxation Method Using the Breath

…learn how a simple method of just focusing on your breath can really relax you. It can be done anyway, anytime and is very effective….


Mental Calmess and Calmity

….develop mental calmness in this fast paced furious world by learning to listen to your heart and meditate….

            Busy being Busy?

…are you one of those who can never be idle and do nothing? Do you have the compulsive need to carry your book, handphone, PDA with you wherever you go so that you can ‘get things done’.  Perhaps our stress in life stems from our inability to slow down…

Happiness at work

…do you view your occupation as a job or as a calling? You do not need to earn lots of money to be happy- it depends on how you view your job. Read inspirational stories about 2 persons who found happiness in their work…



Effective but Unconventional Way to Cheer Yourself Up

…try this step by step method if you are feeling down and it may just lift your spirits…

Simple Way of Coping with Difficult People

….have you ever been in a situation where you have to work with someone that you honestly detest or do not like? How bout a boss who constantly pick on your mistakes but praises others? A boss/acquaintance/spouse/team members/etc who always seemed to single out all the unfavorable treatment and reserve them exclusively for you?…



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Holistic Cures for Various Stomach Ailments: Sharp pain, spasms, wind

It is commonly known that stress contributes to stomach pains, gastric, wind in the stomach, indigestion, etc. There are some effective remedies to help you reduce those tummy blues.


How to Exercise when Hard-Pressed for Time

…Exercise helps tremendously in stress management. But most of us never seemed to have the time to exercise. The post contains effective exercise tips for those who are constantly on the move…

Eating Comfort Food During Stress?

….some truths about comfort food like cookies, pasta and ice creams- do you find yourself eating them when stressed? Read more about the myths of comfort food being dispelled.


How Stress Can Contribute to Cancer

If we do not learn to manage stress, it will manage us one day.  Read a story of how a woman in Africa battled her cancer.




 Enjoyable Exercises You can Try at Home

…it’s time to dance and party- in the privacy of your own home. Compile your favourite playlists from the internet and put on your favourite playlists to work out a good sweat. Guaranteed you will feel much better afterwards…



So you have sinned in a meal, what to do next?

…Guilt often accompanies the aftermath of a food feast. How to cope with the guilty feelings and take corrective actions? No use beating ourselves over it. Read the post which I share from personal experience on how I deal with aftermath of overeating…

Quiting the gym…. and lost weight

Maintaining weight is not about hours of working out in the gym. We must learn to control our stress levels and learn to let go as well. If we are able to do that, we will be able to lose weight and successfully keep it off.

Stability Ball Dance

Fancy dancing on a stability ball? It’s fun and enjoyable- try this for relaxation in front of the TV


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