Why Bad People Get Away from Doing Bad Things

My brother has deep resentment for a group of people known as Dr Evils who were involved in torturing the innocent during the World War Two.  Instead of being punished for war crimes, a deal made with General McAuthor- if they are willing to impart their knowledge to the US government, their lives would be spared. He told me [...]

Human Life- last talk by the late Chief Reverend

Today, on Merdeka Day, also marks the first anniversary of the passing away of Chief Reverend, Dr K Dri Dhammananda. Below is the transcript last Dhamma talk, given in Jul 06- great gratitude goes out to the person who had transcribed the talk and Buddhist friends who had sent me this. *Human Life ( last [...]

Spiritual Partner

Picture above is taken from a wall painting in the Burmest Temple in Burmah Road, Penang, Malaysia (click on picture for a bigger view). Below is extracted from the Notes section (page 478) of Venerable Acariya Mun Bhuridatta Thera- A Spiritual Biography: Spiritual partner. Literally, “one’s partner in developing the spiritual perfections (parami). Most living [...]

A Tribute to the late Chief Reverend Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda

On 31 Aug 2006, many mourn the lost of beloved Chief Reverend, Chief Buddhist monk for both Malaysia and Singapore. I have a lot to thank Chief Reverend because he has touched my life in so many ways. He has introduced to me and many, the life of being a Buddhist- that Buddhism is simply [...]