When you hate your job and wish to quit (without a safety net)

Recently I saw a video posted by quite a well known YouTuber who praises the courage of quiting one’s job. Even with no backup plan. Basically she had quit her job that she hated 3 years ago and now supposedly owns a multimillion dollar online business. Her business model centers around selling a dream and [...]

No More Mondays by Dan Miller

Do you hate Mondays? If so, what’s keeping you from quiting your job? If you said a steady paycheck and the promise of a secure retirement, then you’re in for a big disappointment. In today’s volatile economy, there’s nothing safe about punching the block for the job you hate. In his book, No More Mondays, Dan [...]

Escape from Corporate America by Pamela Skillings

Many people spend hours stuck in jobs that they do not like- but hang on to just because the salary and benefits are good. Pamela Skillings, a career expert and corporate escapee wrote the book Escape from Corporate America: A Practical Guide to Creating the Career of Your Dreams to provide inspiration for those who are stuck [...]

Should you work for a company with questionable principles?

This is a continuation of the previous article, “Should you accept donation from bad people for a good cause?” In terms of corporate life, a leader is often paid to sometimes implement changes that are more for the shareholders interest instead of the staff and customers. Should a leader continue to work for such an [...]

Should you quit your job to blog full time?

It depends on your MAIN and REAL reason behind blogging. Is it to make money? To share your thoughts? To promote your product and services? If you are in it just for the dough $$$$….. Many people blog just for the money. Here are my experiences of the few years I spend running blogs part-time (most of [...]