A Shy Guy Overcome His Fear of Selling and Now is a Successful Salesman

Note: The article below was written by Christina Low. It was originally published in The Star Metro on Tuesday, 30 June 2009.  As I was not able to locate the online copy of the article (which Star usually have their articles online), I have retyped the article and repost in this blog (so that I [...]

Advice to those to be retrenched by Idrus Ismail

I found this article on the October 2009 copy of the Malaysian Business magazine (quite a good read as some writers discuss controversial topics). The tips is offered by Idrus Ismail: 1. Be debt free as far as possible and have 6 months of pay in fixed deposits, just in case. 2. Place resume in [...]

Jobless in a land of plenty?

Admittedly, many Malaysians are really choosy when it comes to jobs. During the times when jobs were aplenty, job hopping is such a common phenomenon. Below is a letter writen by Naushad Noor Ali to The Star paper- which I find to be very true: WAY back in 1962, my late grandfather visited Penang. Upon [...]

How We Survived the Previous Recession

In late 90s, recession hit the world- and Malaysia was badly affected by the economic crisis. During that time, university graduates find themselves without a job- when these students first enrolled in university, Civil Engineering and IT were popular courses. When they graduate, the economy crashed and many construction projects were abandoned. So it meant [...]