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A journey of a person working from home

Article below was written by Boey Ping Ping titled “There’s no place like home” and  was published in The Star paper on 20 June 2009. Her thoughts and experience are still relevant today as it did almost 10 years ago. I was not able to trace the article online and decide to type out the entire [...]

Declare income from Google Adsense to LHDN

PLEASE VIEW THE UPDATED ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON THIS SUBJECT Recently I have decided to monetize my blogs to help support the cost of the hosting fees. Many Malaysians do monetize the blogs or sites that they set up whether it is via self-hosted or a free blogging platform like Blogspot or Typepad. I made a [...]

Lesson learned: If the SIM is stuck on your phone- never forcibly pull out

I want to share with you a hard lesson learned…. a lesson that spoilt my Blackberry Torch Smartphone. Just because of a stuck SIM. Never never forcibly pull out the SIM card – if it does not come out from the phone naturally, something is wrong. Take it to a shop where they fix handphone- [...]

Business that Do Well During Recession

Based on an article published by USnews, the top 10 retailers who are surviving despite the recession have some attributes such as: 1. Conservative Expansion Mode Prior to the economy crisis, a lot of growing companies borrowed heavily to expand based on overly optimistic projection. When the economy crashes, and the effect is felt right [...]

The Malaysian Star paper launches e-paper

My family have been an avid and loyal reader of The Star paper – we subscribe the paper to be delivered to our home every day from the newspaper man. So today, when I saw the headlines in black borders, I wondered what had happened- As it turns out, The Star paper is launching the [...]