DON’T BE NASTY OR MEAN to people we love

Sometimes there are people who care for us deeply but we treat them badly. What we do not realize that when we do that, it would cause them to leave us quicker once their ‘debt’ to us is being repaid. By being mean, nasty or cruel, we are accelerating the process. In the end when [...]

Why We Suffer Being Deceived, Cheated, Lied To and Heartbreak (Video)

If we find there is a pattern where we are constantly being deceived, lied to and suffer heartbreak due to being cheated, etc, as if there is a pattern, we need to evaluate certain areas of our lives. In this video, I would share based on my own experience as I went through one period [...]

When old songs and movies makes us feel nostalgic and sad

Are you someone who kept a huge collection of old movies, songs and memorablia because they reminded you of a happy past? And each time when you look at them or watch the shows, your heart is filled with memories of yester years. Movies and music have a way of triggering an emotional response. We [...]

Giving up opportunity because cannot bear to part with friends?

Friendship hard to part

A friend told me that she almost let go the opportunity to study overseas because she could not bear to part with her friends. Eventually, due to series of circumstances, she did go overseas to study and ended up working there. Few years later she became a PR in that country. She could also ‘retire’ [...]

Whoever is trying to pull you down is already beneath you

Few days ago I find a very meaningful quote as per the title “Whoever is trying to pull you down is already beneath you.” I sent this quote to a dear friend of mine. She said yes, their heart is beneath us. But sometimes, in terms of career, status, wealth and looks, they may be [...]