When your best friend turns everyone against you

This is a real story of a childhood friend of mine who underwent tremedous adversity during her university days. She came from a poor family and was sent to another state to study. She was doing well, had a boyfriend…when a coursemate who was close to her got very jealous and started to turn everyone [...]

Rainy Days Never Say Goodbye

For years, I used to get very sad and whimsical during gloomy rainy days. I would be walking to or from office during the commute when it rained and my heart would be filled with a kind of sadness as I had to do the right thing during that time. Sometimes we feel it and [...]

The Tragic End of the Misunderstood Dobermann

The following story was posted by a commentator in a video from YouTube. To me, who always have soft spot for dogs, it is a sad story. I wish to share it here in this blog: Story via comment by YouTube user id @Playgun10: This brought back a memory from many years ago. An old [...]

DON’T BE NASTY OR MEAN to people we love

Sometimes there are people who care for us deeply but we treat them badly. What we do not realize that when we do that, it would cause them to leave us quicker once their ‘debt’ to us is being repaid. By being mean, nasty or cruel, we are accelerating the process. In the end when [...]