The truth behind passive income

This is a continuation of the previous article: Considerations before you become an insurance, mutual funds or MLM agent The truth about passive income is that, it’s never entirely passive. Nothing is truly passive in this world unless you are the few fortunate persons like JK Rowling (who wrote Harry Porter) and famous artists whose [...]

Considerations before you become an insurance, mutual funds or MLM agent

I am sure that many of you have attended business opportunity presentation. A long time friend who you have never seen in years suddenly contact you and invite you out for tea or a meal. Then over casual chats, he talked about how he is in this business and now he is having a very [...]

Baking part time to earn extra income

Many people have passion for cooking and baking. With interest and passion, you would catch up easily and able to modify on existing methods that you have learned to come out with something that is uniquely …you. For instance, if we like a certain type of food very much and there is no one who [...]

The importance of having personal accident insurance coverage

Many years ago, a rich man bought a total of 17 life insurance policies and he was paying about RM10000 per year which is enormous for those day’s money. Faithfully he paid for the installments every month. The one day, he got involved in an accident and lost the function of one of his hands. [...]

Misleading information told to investors in unit trust

Recently at a gathering in someone’s house, I was flabbergasted by what came out of a so-called investment consultant who is selling unit trust. Initially, I thought she is still in the insurance line but she told me that she had moved on to a few financial companies settling unit trust and now she’s with [...]