Should you plant your flowers on pots or in the ground?

In recent months, I have been spending considerable amount of time in my garden….trying to keep the weeds from growing under control. About 2 months ago, I cleared out my pandan patch (throw out the old rotting roots) and transferring them to flower pots. I also started transferring most of the flowers into flower pots. [...]

Should you have a real garden or replace it with concrete tiles?

When planning for your home, you may sometimes be deciding whether to have a real garden (with grass, plants, scrubs and flowers) or may often be tempted to just turn the entire green patch into concrete. I have a garden in my home and I cannot tell you how often I am tempted to convert [...]

How to Clear a Messy Garden

Recently, I’ve managed to clear out my extremely messy garden. Often termed as ‘messy mini jungle’ but some friends, I decided to clean it up once and for all. If you are like me, having no prior experience in gardening and cannot differenciate plants from weeds, I want you to know that with determination and [...]