Is chatting a waste of time?

When I was younger, I used to spend hours just chatting on Yahoo or MSN chats with my friends. We could only do it at home because my previous company has banned the access to all the chatting software and social networking sites.  That’s why the employees are much more productive and focused- but I must [...]

To multitask or do one task at a time?

We are all expected to be able to multitask. Otherwise, how do one expect to complete so many things at once? Sometimes, we feel that there may not even be enough hours in a day. But are we more productive if we were to multitask or do one task/job at a time? In this post, I [...]

Using Microsoft Outlook to Organise & Manage Your Tasks

I’ve find that Microsoft Outlook is a very effective time management tool and reminder for you to perform your task. Traditionally used as an email facility, Microsoft Outlook has a lot of unexplored options that you can consider. If you cannot afford all the expensive sophisticated tools, you can make use of what is readily [...]

Why is everyone busy being busy?

I must admit, I used to be one of those people who will never want to stand idle and do nothing. In the past, I always carry reading materials and notebook everywhere I go like to the bank, take public transport, have an appointment with a friend (in case the fella is late), at the airport, [...]