SIM card for Blackberry call and data in Thailand

It’s year end and many of you would be travelling for your well deserved holidays. When travelling, most of us would not be able to do without internet access- and if you are travelling overseas, it’s much cheaper to get a temporary SIM that provides data plan. From my previous article on Buying SIM card [...]

Of sandflies and scars

Update: The scars have came off ?  Read more: Would bites from sand flies cause permanent scars on your skin? When I was staying near a river in Thailand, I was often bitten by sandflies. For those who are not aware of what sandflies are… well, sandflies actually look like flies- except that they bite and [...]

Thailand Border Runs is now 14 days instead of 28 days

Normally, when a foreigner enters Thailand via Suvarnabhumi airport, a 30 days stay is given. Because Thailand is such a great country to be in, many visitors, myself included, find ourselves going for what is termed as border hops/runs- ie go to the nearest Thai border, exit the country to a neighboring country (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia [...]

The Night River Market of Amphawa, Thailand

Amphawa district is located about 1.5hrs drive from Bangkok. It consists of lots of canals and surrounded by rivers. There is a river market located in the district. I am sorry as I do not know how to get there via public transportation, since on both the occassations I was taken there by my friend. [...]