Tis Thing Called Life

Here you would be able to view jottings and reflections that I have on life in general. Articles with images are newer articles whereby those without images are older articles.

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If you genuinely believe in something, do it!

In life, there would be times when you are driven by something you wish to try. If there are a lot of risks involved and a lot at stake, start in a small scale first. At least in that way you will be able to test out to see if the idea works, or if [...]

Don’t Judge because We Mean Different Things to Different People

A person can be considered a bad person but may treat certain people in his life differently. Conversely, we may be a well-liked person but we would still have enemies. Therefore, don’t ever let our judgment cast in stone regardless of who we meet in life. Because we mean differently to different people. A story [...]

Acquiring wealth through destroying others will come back to harm you

There is a person I know who came up with the idea to earn easy money through suing others. His modus operandi is, he would get into a company to work. Due to his petty and calculative nature, ir is easy for him to step on other people’s shoes. When that happens, he would then [...]

Why some people end up alone and bitter

When I was younger, I used to wonder why many good people end up abandoned by their kids, friends and family member…. And ending up all alone. When you speak to them, they would share stories of hurt and betrayal. Important disclaimer: This may NOT be applicable to everyone. Some people tragically lose family members [...]

The JINX of Laughing, Bullying and Ridiculing Others

When you see something that you are tempted to make some snide remarks, my sincerest request is for you to reconsider. For if the remarks are meant for someone who don’t deserve your ridicule or sarcasm, you may get it back, sometimes times worse than the person. Here are some real life stories from my [...]