Tis Thing Called Life

Here you would be able to view jottings and reflections that I have on life in general. Articles with images are newer articles whereby those without images are older articles.

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Starlight Express- Motivational Lessons to Keep You Going

I would be posting a series of Shorts video featuring the music from Andrew Llyod Webber’s musical Starlight Express. It is about a group of trains (played by dancers in customes and skates) being involved in a race. There are all types of train from diesel, electric, bullet train that are powerful. Then we have [...]

When your best friend turns everyone against you

This is a real story of a childhood friend of mine who underwent tremedous adversity during her university days. She came from a poor family and was sent to another state to study. She was doing well, had a boyfriend…when a coursemate who was close to her got very jealous and started to turn everyone [...]

Rainy Days Never Say Goodbye

For years, I used to get very sad and whimsical during gloomy rainy days. I would be walking to or from office during the commute when it rained and my heart would be filled with a kind of sadness as I had to do the right thing during that time. Sometimes we feel it and [...]

The Tragic End of the Misunderstood Dobermann

The following story was posted by a commentator in a video from YouTube. To me, who always have soft spot for dogs, it is a sad story. I wish to share it here in this blog: Story via comment by YouTube user id @Playgun10: This brought back a memory from many years ago. An old [...]