Spare the rod and ruin the child?

Today, most people do not agree on caning and disciplining the child. According to most experts, one should use a ‘line of reasoning’ because most children are intelligent and do not respond to ‘barbaric’ methods. If a parent is to do something like canning or chaining the child, he would be detained by police and [...]

It is not how much you have but how much you want

My friend shared with me recently on a talk that she had attended from a well known speaker, Ajahn Brahm. After his talk, a member of the audience asked him on how we can help the poor people in India? During her trip there, she saw so much of suffering and poverty and wondered what [...]

Rising Up from the Depths of Despair

Know that the more that you are capable of the deepest low, the more you can rise up and can turn a direct opposite. Most of the time people who became successful motivation speakers had suffered from the depths of despair and experienced failures. They found ways to bounce back and rose to become the [...]

Why We Cannot Drag Ourselves Out of Bed

You have to have a dream so that you can get up in the morning                                                             – Billy Wilder Do you experience difficulty in dragging yourself out of bed every morning? Especially if it is on a Monday morning? All you feel like doing is to stay below the sheets and sleep forever? We would think [...]

Keeping Pets Allowed Your Kid to Develop Positive Qualities

If you have a kid and you want to instill positive qualities in the kid, you may want to consider keeping a family pet. Most children are attracted by animals- it is common to see young children tugging at their parents’ and begging to take a particular pet home. Pets have a very theraupetic effect on [...]