• Here’s the list of articles that I have written about entrepreneurship or starting your own business (full time or part time):

Keep your dreams to yourself when your loved ones do not support you

  • They mean well- but at the same time they also love you very much and do not want to see your fail. Or they have unfulfilled dreams of their own. These fears may cause them to discourage you- and you may never get started if you continue sharing with those who does not encourage.

Finding the courage to pursue your dreams

  • If you never try, you’ll never know…and if you never know, you’ll always be wondering, “what if….”

How Stay at Home Moms can Make Money Too

  • Case studies of moms who pack a punch and earn good income blogging

Lost his job and now is full time into building websites

  • A story of a Malaysian who made good income building quality websites and doing photography

Why every company needs a website

  • Web presence is very important for any company. It is a cost effective 24 hours marketing tool that a company today cannot do without- it lets your customers find you any time and always

Add Perceived Value- and you can Increase Price

  • It’s sometimes very simple- just add some features, whistles and bells and you can charge more. First impression counts

Creatively Reposition Existing Products to Increase Sales

  • See how the creativity of the folks in IKEA enable them to reposition the same products in a different light and use for the consumer, thus having ongoing sales. Perhaps you can do the same for the products of your company as well

Advertising via Snail Mail or e-Newsletter- which is more effective?

  • Discusses the pro and cons of both advertising methods.

Can Joining Direct Selling Companies Make You Big Bucks?

  • Usually stories of 6 figure top agents are being featured during ‘presentation’.  But are the claims true? In pyramid schemes, can latecomers make money? And looking on the bright side, what you can gain from joining a direct selling company

Home Based Business- you don’t need a BA degree to succeed

  • Case studies of 2 person I personally know who runs successful home base businesses.

Is it a good idea to start a craft business?

  • Many crafters wish to earn a living doing what they love- crafting. But the industry has changed due to mass produced imports flooding the market.

How Small Business can Win Over Customers- A Case Study

  • The personal touch of my family’s optimetrist who won her many loyal customers despite being in a non high traffic location

Moonlighting- turning your hobbies into cash

  • If you don’t want to get both your feet wet, test the waters first by moonlighting, ie doing your little venture part time and see if it is for you

Would you rather pay for the ambiance or the taste?

  • Establishment charge a lot for ambiance- even though the food is so-so.
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