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Here you will find list of articles that I have written about being happy at work, answering your calling, moonlighting, trying for second income stream, should you stay or leave, making the best of your working environment and so many more….

Why indulging in office gossip and politics can ruin our life

  • Office gossip and politics exists everywhere. At least 50% of the stress that you are experiencing could be due to this due to the energy drain and keeping up with appearances and the ‘latest update’.  What is a much better alternative to office gossip

A Shy Guy Overcome His Fear of Selling and Now is a Successful Salesman

  • The fastest and most consistent way to get rich and remain there is the ability to sell. A lot of people are not able to overcome this limitation. Here’s a real story about a guy who left an IT job to set up his own detergent company

How a Boss Can Deal with a Difficult Employee

  • One of the challenges of managing teams is dealing with a wide array of human behaviour.  Some employees are difficult but have lots of potential and can perform well if motivated.

The mark of an excellant salesman

  • Sharing from my experience of 2 salesperson who came to our office and why we are loyal to a particular salesperson instead of the other.  A person do not require to attend expensive seminar, gadgets, sales pitches in order to impress and win over customers.

work1Should you take a pay cut in exchange for a life of inner quality?

  • Is it worth of sacrificing a good paycheck to scale down in life for better quality and peace of mind? Surprisingly, when you are true to yourself, you will need less to make you happy.

Should you quit your job to pursue your dreams?

  • You may carry a dream in your heart for many years but did not make the transition because you don’t think you could earn a living doing what you love, or could you?

Should you just quit your job and go travelling?

  • Important considerations that you need to note before leaving your job and going travelling (spoken from experience)

The biggest lesson I have learned about money

  • Job security and prestige means nothing to an empty heart.  If you are doing something not in accordance to your life’s calling, sometimes you end up ‘numbing’ your heart by spending and spending. That’s why some people in high paying jobs could not save money compared to someone earning much lesser.

Advice to those to be retrenched by Idrus Ismail

  • Useful advice to those who find themselves being made redundant

Always have a life beyond work

  • The importance of work-life balance- if not for anything…to keep your sanity

Are you unhappy at work because the job clashes with your personal values?

  • If you are suffering the signs of stress and serious burnout, and despite all your efforts you seemed to be unable to deal with it and hate your job with all your heart, a possibility is that the nature of your job goes against your core values


Should a student look for a job that requires low skills?

  • Many students work as waiters or as general workers while waiting for results. The article discusses the pro and cons

Should a student work in an office environment/ jobs that requires skills

  • Dicusses the benefits of choosing a skilled job that will come in handy in future resumes

work2How to Build Up a Passive Income Stream from Young

  • As youngsters are more technology savvy, they can set up blogs and start building up passive income from young or doing certain sales job.

Physical Labor does Not Age as much as Mental Stress

  • Even with all the makeup and smart office attires in the world, it can never hide a stressful face.  Those who labor physically do not age as fast as those working in corporate world- have you noticed that?

Consider having a second income stream

  • Perhaps you can make sometime in your life and explore earning second income stream. Some ideas you can try out after office hours

Passive income is not entirely passive- there is no free lunch in this world

  • Everyone’s obsessed about passive income- be it in blogging or direct selling. But once the income stream is earned, one cannot be complacent- because if we do, in no time, we will see the income stream quickly drying up

To succeed in your career, follow your passion

  • A real life story of a price that a person has to pay- stuck in low paying jobs because he had refused to take the time to identify his true passion and find a way to earn a living around it.

Leaving Childhood Skills Behind…

  • Chilldhood skills can hold the key to your life’s vocation, of finding something that makes that 8 hours of work worthwhile. Sadly, many people leave their skills behind

An interesting interview with a successful corporate figure

  • An interview with a successful person who balances work, life and play

Why Not Everyone Chooses to be Workaholic or Performer at Work

  • Sometimes we are quick to judge someone who does not seemed to have initiative or competitive.  Instead of pressuring or writing bad reviews about them, consider that staff like this can also be an asset

Jobless in a land of plenty?

  • Is the market really that bad that one cannot even land on a job?

Utilizing Talent to Benefit Others- Acharn Chalermchai

  • An extremely talented artist who dedicates his life to build a beautiful cultural heritage in Thailand

Should You Work in Shifts or Regular Hours?

  • While the whole world is fast asleep or out celebrating during public holidays, there are dedicated staff who are working round the clock. Is working for shift right for you?

Can a family man with Salary RM3,000 survive in Malaysia

  • Quite some interesting calculations given in this forwarded email

6 Considerations Before You Quit Your Day Job (Without a Job)

  • Before you throw in the towel and decide to fire your boss, there are important considerations to think off- I only dared to write the article after quiting my first job which I held on to 9 years

Moonlighting- turning your hobbies into cash

  • An alternative you can try is to try to earn some extra income from your skills outside office hours. This will enable you to ‘test the waters’ to see if it is right for you and also supplement your income.

Stuck in a job that you do not love

  • A real story of my Physics teacher who made no attempt to hide how she absolutely hated the job and how she eventually changed after 4 years

Career: As a calling or to be rich?

  • A real life story of my dentist- who is in the profession for more than 30 years and have genuine passion for his work

Happiness at Work

  • We can find happiness regardless of whatever jobs we are doing- including lowly paid ones. We have a choice.


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