Content reorganization in my blogs

Update July 2019: I have decided to resume this blog to publish my personal reflections and thoughts. However topic with regards to subjects below have been transferred out to new blogs. You may notice that there has not been new articles being published on this site for sometime. I am still blogging actively, but I [...]

Switching Thesis skin from Classic to Pearsonified and changes in this blog

Thesis wordpress theme 2.3 and 2.4

Even though I’ve mentioned that there are times I benefit better from having a general blog (like this one), I just could not bring myself to start publishing articles on how to clean a kitchen or organize can food in this blog when I have been writing articles related to blogging, intranets and Thesis theme. [...]

How to build an intranet or information portal using WordPress

When it comes to maintaining an intranet, the most important is not the platform or software but the dedication of updating and maintaining the site. After all, you can get the most expensive world class software that may cost hundreds of thousands to build, it would remain nothing but a white elephant if you do [...]

When Adsense is better than Affiliate marketing

About 10 years ago, the top bloggers relied on Adsense as the main income source for their blogs. Then slowly many bloggers moved towards affiliate marketing and a few became very rich through selling their own products. Today when you search around for blog monetization, most bloggers would talk about either affiliate or selling your [...]

Why a general/ multi-topic blog may be better than a niche blog

UPDATE October 2018: I’ve since decided that for user experience, it is better to have a more specific or niche blog compare to general blogs. It is just better for your readers to access to specific topics. The new site does take time to get indexed as you are starting from scratch- however once the [...]