Don’t be the cause of friction for your kids by repeating rants

In life we have been told to always speak the truth. But if the truth cause division in others, then your words of truth becomes harmful. In such instance, it is better to keep quiet. If you are a parent and one day, your daughter comes to you and complain about her brother (your son) [...]

Those who complain about you may not mean it- so don’t be hurt

You may have lose complete trust or broken off a relationship with a person when you find that person was complaining or talking bad about you behind your back. The more you value and treasure the person, the more his/her words hurt you to the core. Usually before the feelings of hurt and betrayal sets [...]

The danger of windfall wealth

I was fortunate that I never have any interest to gamble or buy lottery. I take chances, risks and gambles in other aspects in my life but not in terms of gambling or buying numbers. However when it comes to gambling as in casino types, buying lotto or lottery, I have no interest in taking [...]

When your husband leaves you for another woman

Having a man who your trusted, love and build a home together suddenly leaving you is one most heartbreaking thing that can happen to any woman. If he is asking for a divorce, he may justify his straying ways by quoting nasty reasons such as you are too fat, unattactive, boring, not good in bed, [...]

The feelings of the lonely old parents when their kids migrated overseas

When it comes to their kids, the love of their parents are most selfless. They never thought of getting into the way of their kids lives. In their hearts, they always wanted the best for their kids even though they are lonely, they suffer and their heart pine for their grown kids and the grandchildren. [...]