Recommended Links

Here are other great sites out there to check out:

Sites on Personal Development and Discoveries in Life:

  • Dumb Little Man– Tips for Life
  • Business Design Online- Why You Need to be Organised to Be Creative
  • Get Everything Done by Mark Foster
  • Frugal Dad – very down-to-earth writing on finance management especially on hard times
  • Adam Khoo’s Blog– the youngest millionaire in Singapore
  • Zen Habits – simplify your life- lots of great tips you can adopt
  • Kenny Sia – Malaysia’s well known and entertaining blogger
  • Spiritual Science Research Foundation – research into matters pertaining to spiritual matters
  • One Bag- Travel Light – can we ever travel light? This site though simple, offer great tips
  • List of Hobbies (Wikipedia) – some hobbies we can do
  • Tomorrow’s Edge- Skye Thomas– some great thought provoking articles
  • Sites on Blogging & Making Money Through the Internet

    Listing of craft and creative sites are listed in a separate post.

    List of recommended sites/blogs on Health and Fitness is available on my health blog.

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    Kisah Seram | Scary Stories Playlist:

    Here are true supernatural stories, each one with a lesson behind it: