Would you rather pay for the ambiance or the taste?

My Marketing lecturer during university taught us that many restaurants can charge a ridiculous amount for food because of the decoration and ambiance. That’s why we chose to drink coffee in Starbucks instead of a coffee stall by the roadside. And we chose to eat our chicken rice at some air con, tastefully decorated place [...]

Why Holding on to the Past May Be Bad for You

Many of us love to keep old memorabilias that reminds us of our past. We keep photos, gifts, old greeting/birthday cards, watch old movies and listen to old songs. It is okay if there are fond memories but if the past elicit feelings of regret and sadness due to wrong choices, passing away of a [...]

Hidden Dangers of Watching Excessive Violent, Ghost or Porn Shows

When I was in my teens, I remember reading an article whom the writer states that: excessive indulgence of movies that shows violence, revenge, murder, horror movies with demons, ghost and spirits taking revenge, as well as porn will lower the person’s vibration levels. It makes the person susceptible to influence of dark and evil [...]