Making a difference, feed one stray at a time

During working days, there were a couple of strays that I had been feeding. Before this rainy season, it was the hot season and one day, I chanced upon a very hungry, thirsty female stray dog who just delivered a set of puppies. I knew as her babies must be sucking milk from her skinny [...]

Friendship lessons from the animal kingdom

Friendships can be formed under the strangest and most unusual circumstances. After all, the language of the heart is the language that every living being can understand- words are not required in the communication. When we do not judge, the heart reaches out and mutual trust is formed. Sometimes, the animal world amazes me because [...]

Feed a hungry stray today II

From previous article, if you plan to feed a stray and do not want the mess from taking unfinished food, you can do what I am currently doing: 1. Take a plastic bottle and fill it up with dog or cat biscuits. Seal it up 2. Take a used plastic bottle and fill it up with [...]

Feed a hungry stray today

Stray animals really have resillient hearts. Despite constant hardship of hunger, thirst, no shelter, vulnerable to the elements (rain, sun, thunderstorms), they still survive day to day. Even though life is tough and all they know is fear, hunger, cold, thirst, fleas, extreme itch, pain and injury, they still keep going. They never give up- [...]

The Movie Marley and Me

The movie Marley and Me, starring Owen Wilson (John) and Jennifer Aniston (Jenny) can relate to people. It’s about a couple who started out with a very naughty and mischievous puppy who later have 3 kids and move 2 houses. Part of the story line shows us Marley, the Labrador, from a puppy, all the [...]