How Watching Too Much TV Changes Your Values

Do you believe that watching too much TV drains your life’s energies, dims your wits, make you more lazy, unable to beat addiction, become introverted? Other reported incidents are such as- affects relationships, make you gain weight, increase arguments (when you are too stuck on the TV to want to help out with the household [...]

Don’t only make affirmations- follow up with plans and action.

“The miracle of the seed and the soil is not available by affirmation; it is only available by labor” ~ Jim Rohn I find the above quote by Jim Rohn to be very true- in fact, I’ve learned a lot from reading his book, The Treasury of Quotes. The book carries his quotes from seminars [...]

Money is not everything

To cover day-to-day expenses, yes. We need money to pay rent, installments, groceries, and other bills. To pay back money that you owe your friends- that’s very important because if you don’t, it may cause you the friendship or hard feelings. Today, money means much more than to cover the necessities. Many people define their [...]