Niche Blogs usually makes more money than General or Personal Life Blogs

Niche blogs tend to make money because the focus of the blog is on specific topics or niche. Sometimes, the blog is so specific that it covers only a targeted section- for instance, some blogs talk only about one particular car model, one type of cats, etc. From my experience in having general blog (like [...]

How to have recent posts from other blogs published in your sidebar

If you have multiple blogs and would like to have recent posts from your other blogs being populated at your blog’s sidebar, there’s a few Wordpress plugins for it.  I have installed the RSS Blogroll plugin by Greg Jackson (visit plugin site). For instance, at this blog, you can see that there’s a sidebar content of “More [...]

Should you use infolinks and other text-link ads on your blogs?

Text-link based advertising like Infolinks are used as part of income generating revenue in a blog. It differs from Adsense because the ads appear within the contents written by the blogger- anywhere from the sub titles, side bars but mainly within the blog post itself. Once, I have signed up with Infolinks to increase my [...]

Happy and Funny Sites that Will Brighten Your Workday

We all have to be so serious in our jobs that sometimes it’s hard to smile or laugh. A little funny humor goes a long way in brightening up your workday. Sign up about these blogs via RSS and read them using Google Reader (it’s inconspicuous and no one will notice that you’re reading it [...]

Blog about something you are good at to give you that advantage

I started dabbling into my own sites and blogs since 2002 till now. Throughout the years, I’ve learned to observe who has the staying power and what type of blogs drives traffic. Everyone is dabbling into blogging nowadays and jumping into the bandwagon. But you need to love to write and share what you know- [...]