Keeping a tidy and organized desk will improve your productivity and focus

Some of us a naturally untidy people- even though after extensive spring cleaning, the desk quickly become a cluttered mess each time. And after a while, we just give up trying. Then one day, as again we are not able to find our stuff, this time an important document, we vow to tidy up our [...]

Decluttering from the inside out

People can tell a lot about us by the way her house is arranged. It is organised and tidy or it is cluttered and crazy? If our minds are organised and under control, our surroundings would be as well. If not, even though we go through the painful process of decluttering, the chaos would built up [...]

Decluttering- when you feel relunctant to throw away the memories

New things cannot come into our life when there is no space for them to come in. One way to move on to a new phrase of life is to learn to declutter our surroundings. Instead of shopping for storage boxes so that we can put things away from sight, we should aim to remove those [...]

Declutter your bedroom and your life would change

If our bedroom’s a mess, our life would not be much different from it. Because we spend a surprisingly huge amount of time (almost 1/3 in fact) on our bed sleeping. So the condition of our bedroom- whether it is dusty, dirty, cluttered with rubbish and papers or neat and clean would really influence our [...]

Clutter and dust affect your energy levels

With Chinese New Year around the corner, everyday is housecleaning day. When previously I was never really into housework, now I spend most of my days doing either housework or gardening and enjoying it. One fact that became very obvious to me is that if our home, work area, car or anywhere that we spend [...]