Spending a Day in Malacca

In May 08, I drove down to Malacca for a visit. Actually, it was my first time driving down there. The other times I was there, I had travelled via bus with a group of people- that was years ago. And I cannot remember the direction, except that I’ve stayed in Equitorial Hotel. For a [...]

Something Positive from Petrol Increase?

When the increase in petrol price was announced, it brought upon many protests from all quarters. I remembered on the Wednesday night itself, the petrol station near my home was beginning to get congested as I was driving out. As I pass by the petrol station again near midnite on my way back home, there [...]

Are motorcyclists a road menace?

Last Wednesday evening, while I was stuck in the traffic jam, I tuned in to Red FM (104.90)’s segment called “What’s the point?”. In the show, the topic of the day is “do you think that motorcyclists are a menace on the road?” After gathering poll results via phone call and sms, the DJ mentioned [...]