Business that Do Well During Recession

Based on an article published by USnews, the top 10 retailers who are surviving despite the recession have some attributes such as: 1. Conservative Expansion Mode Prior to the economy crisis, a lot of growing companies borrowed heavily to expand based on overly optimistic projection. When the economy crashes, and the effect is felt right [...]

How We Survived the Previous Recession

In late 90s, recession hit the world- and Malaysia was badly affected by the economic crisis. During that time, university graduates find themselves without a job- when these students first enrolled in university, Civil Engineering and IT were popular courses. When they graduate, the economy crashed and many construction projects were abandoned. So it meant [...]

6 Considerations Before You Quit Your Day Job (Without a Job)

Most people will quit their current day job after finding a better opportunity with another company. But how about those who intend to quit without having a job? The following are considerations that you need to make before making the decision: 1. Questions the real reasons why you want to leave your job You will [...]

Something Positive from Petrol Increase?

When the increase in petrol price was announced, it brought upon many protests from all quarters. I remembered on the Wednesday night itself, the petrol station near my home was beginning to get congested as I was driving out. As I pass by the petrol station again near midnite on my way back home, there [...]