Should you plant your flowers on pots or in the ground?

In recent months, I have been spending considerable amount of time in my garden….trying to keep the weeds from growing under control. About 2 months ago, I cleared out my pandan patch (throw out the old rotting roots) and transferring them to flower pots. I also started transferring most of the flowers into flower pots. [...]

Should you have a real garden or replace it with concrete tiles?

When planning for your home, you may sometimes be deciding whether to have a real garden (with grass, plants, scrubs and flowers) or may often be tempted to just turn the entire green patch into concrete. I have a garden in my home and I cannot tell you how often I am tempted to convert [...]

Reclaim your life by decluttering

There are many websites that offers advice on how to declutter and organise your life. Decluttering is very important- for the sake of your sanity, getting things done in faster time, being able to find stuff and… even a good nights’ sleep. How are we going to:  effectively manage time…. if we have to grope [...]

How to Clear a Messy Garden

Recently, I’ve managed to clear out my extremely messy garden. Often termed as ‘messy mini jungle’ but some friends, I decided to clean it up once and for all. If you are like me, having no prior experience in gardening and cannot differenciate plants from weeds, I want you to know that with determination and [...]

Clutter and dust affect your energy levels

With Chinese New Year around the corner, everyday is housecleaning day. When previously I was never really into housework, now I spend most of my days doing either housework or gardening and enjoying it. One fact that became very obvious to me is that if our home, work area, car or anywhere that we spend [...]