hard work

Looking down on others could mean that….

When you read advice by successful self-help gurus who have gone through tough times before they become successful, most of them would say the same thing: If they can turn back time, they will not have done anything differently…. because mistakes, tough times and failures helped to shape them to be the successful person they [...]

Why Not Everyone Chooses to be Workaholic or Performer at Work

Everyone come to work to earn a living. In a working environment, there will be various mixture and variants of people- kind, nasty, naive, helpful, trustworthy, cannot be trusted, hardworking, lazy, reliable, responsible, self starter, etc. It’s no good to label someone as being lazy or lack of initiative just because the person does not [...]

Jobless in a land of plenty?

Admittedly, many Malaysians are really choosy when it comes to jobs. During the times when jobs were aplenty, job hopping is such a common phenomenon. Below is a letter writen by Naushad Noor Ali to The Star paper- which I find to be very true: WAY back in 1962, my late grandfather visited Penang. Upon [...]